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2000:     Participation at Vlerick Management School, Leuven and Gent, “Management voor de ziekenhuisgeneesheer”.

2001:     Diploma Juridic Expert, Rijks-Universiteit Gent, Belgium


1. Claritine Schering
2. Levocabastine spray (1992)
3. Mizollen Synthelabo (1999)
4. Aventis (2002)
5. Xyzal UCB (2004)
6. MDS Pharma and FAES Farma SA study BILA 1704/RAE ( 2005)
7. Pierre Fabre study V00114CP304 (2008)
8. Ebstine study dissolving tablets MK/EBSFD/03
9. Genetische polymorfismen in Polyposis nasi
10. Efficacy and safety of antihistamine V00114 CP 304 2 A
11. Double-blind phase III Oralgen Grass Pollen AB0801
12. Efficacy and safety of antihistamine V00114 CP 305 2 A
13. Prospective study : role of occupational exposure on sinus surgery outcome
14. ARGX-118 Analysis of mucus samples Study 2020


Member and reviewer editorial board B-ENT (former Acta Oto-Rhino-Laryngologica Belgica).


Since 1982: Belgian Royal Society for Ear Nose, Throat, Head and Neck Surgery
Since 1998: International Rhinologic Society (ERS)
Since 2003: Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS)
2013-2018 :Member of EAACI
Since 2018: Member of the American Rhinologic Society (ARS) ongoing
Since 2018 Member Russian Academy of International Otolaryngolog, Head & Neck Surgery

OFFICIAL Memberships:

Member of the board of the Professional Union of ENT in Belgium since 1999 ongoing
Member of the Scientific Board of the Belgian ENT Society past president.2014 ongoing
Member of the National Commission of Accreditation for the Belgian ENT-society since 2000 ongoing
Member of the National Commission in evaluation of registrars for the Belgian ENT 2000-2007.2013-ongoing
Member of the Ethical Committee of St-Johns Hospital since 2003 – End Nov 2018.
Founding President of Belgian Rhinologic Society (B-RHINO) 2008 – 2019.